About us

Hello John, hello Sandra!
 I'm Domenico Bianco, founder of Picsia Clothing and more.
I want to tell you something about my life, get comfortable and get some beer and popcorn.
I'm joking, of course :-)

I was born in Rome in 1962 and I moved in Reggio Emilia in 1985, where I started working as a clerk in Public Administration.
For seven years I have lived in a small attic with view over the rooftops. This was a source of inspiration for my personality and a motivation for the hobbies I had at that time (painting, listening to music, taking care of my plants and my bonsai, among others).
Married since 1992 (I have two beautiful daughters and a wife who bears patiently all my totalitarian enthusiasms towards the things I like to do), we live in a nice house bought with the savings of many years of work.

In 1995 I bought my first computer, in 1998 I was literally struck by the Internet, which in those years was beginning to rule the world: what times! :-)
Since 1999, I realized that just the web would have had an important part, even working for me. So I started my business as webmaster, web hosting, hardware and software online sales; with the arrival of social media, for a period I have also been working as a Social Media Manager / Marketer.
I realized a world-price comparison. I built from scratch since 2001, a website for a local social club (at that time there was still no Facebook) that became the reference point for young people in our area quickly, with 70,000 members over a 400,000 inhabitants in that area. It contained something very similar to the next Facebook:  individual blogs, photo galleries, forums, chat, ads, messaging with notifications and so on. The members remained glued for hours on the site, just like today on FB :-)
After this cooperation, for some years I have stood still waiting for an inspiration.
Have I bored you? :-)

This inspiration has finally arrived: Picsia Clothing and more.
Here you can find clothing of well-known high-quality brands (Gildan, District, American Apparel, Bella ...) as well as accessories such as pouches and tote bags and home and office articles with customized designs and images from one of the largest screen printing and sublimation printing companies with offices in the USA, Canada and Europe. Items are then printed in the USA and Canada (the location is automatically selected by a system based on your residence) and sent directly to you by them, in our name.
We tried to keep shipping costs low. For this reason, at this moment we only ship to the US and Canada. The items can also be purchased in our shop window on Amazon.

Picsia Clothing and more wants to stand out from the sea of ​​websites of the same gender. While offering a catalog with also trendy items (puppies, kittens, humorous phrases ...), we want to focus on a particular feature, if you allow me, "italian style". So you will find clothing from evergreen fantasies, pleasant color combinations, the search of elegance.

We are open to your suggestions, you can contact us via the contact form or through our Facebook page.
I suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter, which will contain the newly added items, the news about our web site and our affiliate program. Think about it :-)

I will be pleased if you will contribute to our spread, sharing on social networks items that you will be loved and inviting your friends to visit our website!

A hug,
Domenico Bianco



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